Pony lived in Apartment!


A janitor entered an apartment in Östra Vemmerlöv, Sweden, where he was greeted with a strong stench of hay, horse excrement and urine.

It later emerged that the man who had previously been a tenant in the apartment had been living with his pony. The living space had also been home to the man’s partner, his four-year-old daughter and adult son.

He owned three dogs and three cats, which lived there too, according to Swedish newspaper Expressen.

The family used the living room as a stable, while the terrace had become a compost heap.

Understandably furious about how the apartment was used, The landlord has reported the man to police and he’s demanded compensation for the renovations that need to be carried out.

Wow! I love spending time with my horses too, but this is just wrong.


4 Responses

  1. Boy, you never can tell what people will do.

  2. Stinky!! Very bizarre. Find that pony a nice farm with some turnout:-) At least he was “picking” the stall and putting it out on the terrace.

  3. Amazing! I can’t imagine what it would be like to live THAT closely to a horse!

  4. hahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha!

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