Is your Horse Fully Loaded?


Mine either… I got the economy bare bones pony package. However if your horse rears like the lovely Grey silhouette in the illustration this could be a pretty neat way to break your fall.
How to tie the coiled wire to the saddle holder.

A saddle holder is required to be attached to the saddle.

How to connect/disconnect one-touch release.
Even if the removal of the coiled wire from the one-touch release is forgotten when getting off the horse, the rider will only feel a strong tug, and the system will not activate, because such pulling force is not strong enough to do so.

3764179976.jpgBefore and after air bag deployment

Here is the link if your interested. I dont know… I think I’d feel kinda silly wearing this but if I had a kid I might just buy one.


2 Responses

  1. I could have used that last spring! I like your site, was wondering if you might want to link. Midwesthorse is a blog for people who love and own horses no matter what the discipline. Let me know.

  2. I think I’d just rather not be riding the horse that rears.

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