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The Suerte Show
March 30, 2007

suetre.jpgI heard of this story from a friend of mine who has been caught up in the “Suerte hostage crisis” for a few weeks now. At first I thought it was silly. How can you get addicted to watching a pregnant horse standing around in a stall all day? Well, it seems now I’m hooked too… Thanks Beth!

I think the fact that she is SO pregnant has something to do with it. Not to mention the fact that Suerte likes to play with our minds and lay down, moving about restlessly, immitating labor…

Thousands of people are following the pregnancy of Suerte, a 21-year-old chestnut Trakehner, and calling or e-mailing their support and concerns.

The intense interest began after horse breeder Genevieve Ghilotti installed cameras to upload live video stream from the stalls at Glenhill Farm in west Petaluma to allow her clients to keep an eye on expectant mares and witness the births of their babies.

Ghilotti said she has received calls around the clock from Germany, England, Canada and Africa and nearly every state in America.

That even includes Africam, a camera set up at a watering hole in Africa where news of Suerte is posted on a bulletin board, Ghilotti said.

The Web hosting company, Mare Stare, has logged 55pages of discussion about Suerte. Ghilotti has received more than 1,000 e-mails.

Join the insanity and check out Suerte’s web cam… It has to happen soon right?


Barbaro Conspiracy Theory
March 21, 2007

Conspiracy Theorists Insist Barbaro Still Alive

The Onion

Conspiracy Theorists Insist Barbaro Still Alive

WEST GROVE, PA—Rumors and speculation that beloved racehorse Barbaro faked his own death last January in order to start a new life out of the public eye are beginning to surface among equine conspiracy theorists, who refuse to believe the…

Is your Horse Fully Loaded?
March 20, 2007


Mine either… I got the economy bare bones pony package. However if your horse rears like the lovely Grey silhouette in the illustration this could be a pretty neat way to break your fall.
How to tie the coiled wire to the saddle holder.

A saddle holder is required to be attached to the saddle.

How to connect/disconnect one-touch release.
Even if the removal of the coiled wire from the one-touch release is forgotten when getting off the horse, the rider will only feel a strong tug, and the system will not activate, because such pulling force is not strong enough to do so.

3764179976.jpgBefore and after air bag deployment

Here is the link if your interested. I dont know… I think I’d feel kinda silly wearing this but if I had a kid I might just buy one.

Measuring a Horses Need for Physical Contact
March 20, 2007

Horses wild-horses.jpgThere is an interesting article in the horse magazine the importance of physical contact amongst horses. Obviously they are very social creatures with strong herd instincts but this article also talks about a study that involved the horses pressing a button in order to earn interaction with another horse so that they could measure how hard they were willing to work for it. Sounds kinda mean but it was pretty interesting … To read the entire article visit the faculty of agriculture

Pressing the right buttons

“The work for the horses involves pressing a button with the nose. The reward is contact with another horse in a certain way. By counting how many times the horses press the buttons, it is possible to measure the form of contact they are prepared to work the hardest for.

Denmark has the highest number of horses per capita in Europe. It is therefore natural that we carry out research into horse behaviour. DJF has a very important role to play in providing policy advice, for example in relation to the preparation of new regulations and notifications for horse owners. This means that the research results can be directly applied.

– A draft bill by the Ministry of Justice, which will be presented by the government at some point in the future, specifies that keepers of horses should have at least two horses. This means that they will recommend that all horses have social contact.”

Donnie’s Donkeys
March 13, 2007


Patricia from the brand blog “ The Hinny Whisperer.” Posted this video about a man named Donnie, who makes a living with his donkey “Juan Carlos.” This entry and her new blog are both worth a look!

Dressage Artistique
March 9, 2007


Dressage Artistique is not dressage as we know the word to mean in the USA. It is a french riding form that is becoming increasingly popular and was started by Cirque Zingaro, followed by Cavalia, and a constellation of other riding troups who combine music, dance, theater, painting, history, circus, traditional dressage, liberty work, garocha, other riding disciplines like vaulting, jumping, etc… to create shows that are often called “Horse Theater”. Here is an example that was posted on you tube featuring Jenny and Joia (lusitano)

Horses Related to Bats?
March 7, 2007


I found this article at about the DNA analysis of horses in relation to Bats. Below is an exerpt from the article.

Once thought to belong to the same group as primates, bats actually belong to the super-order Pegasoferae, which contains horses, cats and dogs, cows, whales and hedgehogs. Within this group, bats were thought to be only distant cousins to horses, but DNA analysis suggests that only cats and dogs are more closely related to horses than bats are (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.0603797103).

“I think this will be a surprise for many scientists,” says Norihiro Okada at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. “No one expected this.”

012703-1Okada and his colleagues looked at genetic mutations caused by retroposons, lengths of DNA that can copy themselves into RNA and then reverse-copy themselves back into DNA at a different location on a chromosome. Closely related species share more of these mutations than more distant relatives. The analysis by Okada’s team forces a rethink of the relationships of many mammalian orders, which are currently classified by morphological and nuclear DNA sequence data.

“We need to look at fossils from a new point of view, because there must have been a common ancestor of bats, horses and dogs,” Okada says.

To read the entire article go to

“One horsepower can give the ride of your life”.
March 6, 2007


This advertising campaign was aimed at promoting ATG Sweedish Horse Racing.  The campaign was created by Akestam Holst in Sweden. Watch the beautiful film footage of their award nominated campaign at, The web site features video commercial, behind the scenes, downloads and much more.


Atg4_25 – The Site You’ll Love to Hate
March 2, 2007

horsemanpro.jpgI came across this site a few years ago after reading an article entitled “The insanity of Reining.” I may disagree with a lot of what Lee from has to say about my sport of choice, but I have yet to find an article yet (including the reining article) that didn’t really make me think. While his views tend to pretty extreme and intolerant, they are also insightful, intelligent and thought provoking.

His controversial writings are some of the best reads. He is an “equal opportunity offender” Attacking everything from Dressage to 4-h who he refers to as “the mother of corruption.” makes no apologies and holds no punches. Which maybe why I cant stay away. Go on over and take a look at an article….bet you cant read just one 😉