Horse Cents… Money Saving Tips Around the Barn




Tip 1: Stall Mat Alternative

You can use 30 inch conveyor belting as a low-cost substitute for rubber mats. Disgarded belting can usually be found at a local gravel crusher, manufacturing firm, lumber mill, anywhere conveyor belts are used. Cut it to fit with a carpet knife, and lay the strips side by side.

Advantages Beyond Savings – Belting is lighter than rubber mats, so it is easier to pull up for moving/cleaning; also suitable for crosstie areas, washracks, and alleyways.

Expense – Often free for hauling; sometimes costs 1$to $3 per running foot.
As much as $240 perstall!

Tip 2: Cheaper Stall Sweetner

11574177.jpgBuy 50lb bags of powdered marking chalk from the lumberyard to replace your dry-stall products that soak up urine smells in your stalls.

Advantages Beyond Savings Unlike dry lime, chalk is noncaustic.
Savings (applies to commercial-formula stall products) $3 per bag. Use 20 bags in a year and save $60.

Tip 3: Home made Anti Cribbing Formula


Make your own anticribbing liquid by mixing a small amount of water with tobasco sauce and cayenne pepper.

Advantages Beyond Savings: Ingredients are readily available at any supermaket.
Expense: $6 if you have to purchase these ingredients.
Savings: 10 1-inch by 10-foot boards and save $50

Bonus Tip : Barn Aisle

stable_barn.jpgUse the conveyor belting mentioned earlier to create walkways, even driveways through muddy areas
Advantages: Beyond Savings Recycling of used materials.
Savings:Concrete runs about $3 per square foot. A 3×10 foot concrete walkway would run $90, so a walkway of free belting would net you that much in savings.


One Response

  1. Yes, I have conveyor belting in one of my aisles. It’s a dirt aisle on a shedrow and the belting sure makes it nice in the winter, no mud. I also put in down in my shaving bin instead of concrete. Much better for the environment.

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