Cholla, The worlds greatest horse artist

Not all of my horses are cut out for the school horse life, I’ve been looking for other ways they can pull thier weight … maybe I should get them a paint brush?


Meet “Cholla”.  A Mustang/Quarter Horse, Cholla was born in the spring of 1986. He started his painting career in the spring of 2004. and since then his art has been featured in several galleries including:

Alexandratos Gallery – Reno, Nevada
Art Encounter Gallery – Las Vegas, Nevada
“Visions of Johanna” – Albany, New York
Welcome Grant Gallery – Virginia City, Nevada

Cholla’s pieces in the gallery are priced between $900 and $1,500, which makes for a pretty successful artist. His recent efforts are much more mature than his earlier work, as he’s now gained enough control to stay on the easel. One work, titled “Swamp Dragons,” looks like a field of wispy plants. The lavender and light green strokes are placed in a graceful and precise manner, resulting in a structured scene of lines and shapes. In “Bull Fish,” Alexandratos Gallery owner, Stephanie Tsanas, claims to see a dolphin-like shape in the dark greens and blues. Tsanas immediately was intrigued with the horse’s work and says, “I’ve seen a lot of abstract art, and this is better than a lot that I’ve come across.”

But, is it art? Many critics claim that art is strictly a human experience–that emotion, intelligence and self-awareness are necessary to express oneself artistically.

After watching Cholla and Wise work, it’s obvious that the horse displays his intelligence and training to create beautiful pieces of art. Every human artist learns technique from some sort of teaching, not unlike Cholla’s experience. Who is to say what other species are capable of expressing. I say Cholla is a real artist.


4 Responses

  1. Well, if it’s art when a human splashes color onto a canvas, then it’s art when Cholla does it! Perhaps I ought to hand my mustang a paintbrush and see if she’s also an artist?

  2. Hey, if the elephants can paint and get paid for it, why not horses?

  3. Well done Cholla! My horse would just try to eat the paper …

  4. Thanks for the positive feedback !
    Cholla’s art is doing well, I just shipped two framed originals to Lawrence, Mass. to Gallery 181 . The show ” Facets of Transformation ” , runs March 5 – April 26 th. Further info , Gallery 181 : 978-741-7979

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